It is with an appropriate amount of sadness that we regretfully must announce that The Grand Salami will no longer publish a print edition starting with the 2018 season.

Unfortunately, after twenty-two years we’ve made the difficult decision that a print edition is no longer viable. Print magazines are a dying breed these days, so we could see this day coming for several years, but we hung in there as long as we possibly could.

The Grand Salami has always been a labor of love, fueled by my passion for baseball and the Mariners. But it was also a lot of work and aside from our freelance graphic designer, a small group of freelance writers and our commission program vendors at the ballpark, all of that work was done by one person.

I’m extremely proud that we managed to stick around for twenty-two seasons and that the quality of the publication was always top-notch, even in our final season of print.

Finally, if you spend 22 years doing anything, there’s a lot of people who helped make it all possible. Thanks go out to Mike Gastineau, Dave Niehaus, Jim Caple, Rob Neyer, J Michael Kenyon, Gary West, Tim Harrison, Bill Wilmot, Joe Veyera, Mark Meyers, Drew Edwards, Mike Livingston, Phil Rognier, Jeff Angus, Dennis Kelly, Greg Johns, Bob Condotta, Pat Lagreid, Erik Lundegaard, Mark Linn, and Frank Ragsdale. Special thanks go out to my wife Michele for putting up with me for the last 15 years.

A complete overhaul of The Grand Salami website is underway and we intend to launch our new digital home in the near future.

—Jon Wells
The Grand Salami