Contention is the goal

A few days back I posted this piece evaluating the Mariners after the 2020 mini-season with an eye toward readiness for 2021. As usual, the post got linked to some of the Mariners fan groups on Facebook, and as usual, more people remarked on it there than here onsite. Considering the attitude of some of those people, I'm OK with that.


Who to root for?

The postseason has begun and the Mariners are once again nowhere to be seen. What's a Seattle baseball fan to do? In this wacky year of expanded playoffs, most us will pick a team (or a succession of them) to ride with through the World Series and make the best of it. But whom to choose...?


Mini-season ends with Mariners not ready for 2021

With today's loss to the AL West Champion Oakland A's, the Mariners officially finished their part in 2020’s wild and wacky baseball season. It went about as expected, overall, with some interesting surprises and familiar frustrations, serving its purpose as an evaluation/on-the-job training ground for some players while failing miserably at that task for others.


Game notes — 9/22/20

Happy fall, everyone. Well, "happy" adjusted for 2020, anyway.


Manfred threatens to continue expanded playoffs past 2020

The current Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred, is "a fan of the expanded playoffs." He's repeatedly spoken about expanding the playoff format, even before this season, and said during a Hofstra Universtiy event that "there’s a lot to commend [the 2020 postseason format] and it is one of those changes that I hope becomes a permanent part of our landscape."


Latest Column

Manfred threatens to continue expanded playoffs past 2020

The current Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred, is "a fan of the expanded playoffs." He's...



Postseason to be held at neutral sites, Manfred wants fans (and their wallets) in attendance

Commissioner Rob Manfred's office has announced an agreement between Major League Baseball and the MLB...


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Next Opponents


AL West


What do you know? It's the Trivia Challenge Mark II

While we continue waiting out the COVID-19 hiatus, why not indulge in a little baseball...



2020 playoff plan

What's your opinion of the expanded playoffs in 2020?


Date Player Injury IL
9/5/20 Sam Haggerty (IF/OF) Forearm strain 10-day
8/28/20 Matt Magill (RHP) Shoulder strain 10-day
8/21/20 Taylor Guilbeau (LHP) Shoulder strain 45-day
8/21/20 Erik Swanson (RHP) Forearm strain 10-day
8/15/20 Nestor Cortes (LHP) Elbow impingement 45-day
8/6/20 Carl Edwards (RHP) Forearm strain 45-day
7/26/20 Brandon Brennan (RHP) Oblique strain 45-day
7/23/20 Gerson Bautista (RHP) Right elbow flexor strain 45-day
7/22/20 Tom Murphy (C) Broken foot 45-day
6/29/20 Andres Muñoz (RHP) Tommy John surgery 60-day
2/13/20 Mitch Haniger (OF) Back surgery 60-day

Season Schedule (Times EDT, at least until I find a way to change them on import from BB-Reference)

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