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kelenic believe

Good news, bad news, weekend madness

The Mariners were off today, so all eyes in Mariner Nation were on scoreboard-watch duty. Or other-game-watch duty, in my case; I watched the Yankees defeat the Blue Jays, which while beneficial to the Mariners was disappointing to me because, you know, Yankees.

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france haniger

Random thoughts: playoff race, schadenfreude, oddities

My brain is kind of all over the place this afternoon, so without much thought to structure here are a few disjointed observations and tidbits.

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marco LAA 0921

Marcomania Redux

With today's victory over the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim, the Mariners closed out their final road trip of the year with eight wins and two losses. Not too shabby, and though the standings math would have preferred (needed?) that total to be 9-1, it's still an excellent stretch that featured some of the best baseball the M's have played all season, with several individual standout performances.

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seager crawford

Eight games left

Wow. I mean, who'd have thought, at seasons start, that with just over a week to go in the 162-game campaign Your Seattle Mariners would still be vying for the playoffs? Who thought they'd be on the margins, or even a .500 club?

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All-Star Game returning to Seattle

It won't be official until Thursday, but the news has been leaked by multiple sources: Seattle will host the MLB All-Star Game and its accompanying weekend of festivities in 2023. It will be the third time the Midsummer Classic was played here.

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Crawford shrug

M's keep on being relevant

I still don't think they're going to do it. I still think they're too flawed, too raw, and too poorly constructed. And I still see the obstacles in their way to be, while not insurmountable, significant.

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servais dipoto

Mariners extend Dipto, Servais; September roster expands

Today the Mariners announced they have extended the contracts (for "multiple years") of general manager Jerry Dipoto and field manager Scott Servais. Dipoto has also been given the additional title of President of Baseball Operations. Both men were on existing contracts that expired at the end of this season.

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