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Anthony Misiewicz

Anthony Misiewicz

Height: 6'1"    Weight: 200

Bats/Throws: Right / Left

Born: 11/01/1994 in Detroit, Michigan

Offseason home: Jacksonville, Florida

College: Michigan State University

Acquired: Drafted 2015 (18th round)

MLB Debut: 07/24/2020

Free Agent after: 2025 season

Twitter handle: @budmishovits18

Thanks(?) to the pandemic, Misiewicz spent last season in the big leagues instead of Triple-A, and he made the most of it. Striking out no less a player than former MVP José Altuve in his debut, Misiewicz (pronounced Mih-SEV-itch) went on to be one of the few more-or-less reliable relievers in Seattle's beleaguered bullpen. The southpaw Michigander didn't set the world on fire or anything, but was unscored upon in 14 of 21 appearances, which when you're grading on a Mariners relief corps curve was pretty good. As one might expect, he was a lot more effective against left-handed batters (.216 BAA vs. .308 against righties), and if not for the new three-batter minimum rule might be looking at a nice career as a lefty specialist. As it is, he'll get a chance to hold his own in a 2021 ’pen full of question marks; unlike several other Mariner youngsters, he did put in some time at the Triple-A level in 2019 but struggled there, so how much stock to put in 2020’s short-season sample is murky. He's well aware of the realities of the roster crunch and knows he'll have to produce to stay in the big leagues. "The most difficult thing about being a professional baseball player," Misiewicz told Youth1 in an interview for kids and teens, "would have to be the fear of failure. One game could determine your whole career. You could move up and improve your career or get moved down and have to start the process all over again. It's very difficult to have a positive mindset all year, especially when you're not playing your best. Sometimes you have to push on and keep grinding even though your extremely tired and worn out."

Misiewicz's left-handedness should help him stick, as the Mariner bullpen figures to be right-heavy. As spring camp starts to wind down, the only other southpaw in the mix (other than Nick Margevicius, who's competing for a starting slot) looks to be Aaron Fletcher, who was hammered in his few innings with the M's last year.

TH, 3/20/21