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Photo: Jon Wells



Kyle Seager

Kyle Duerr Seager

Height: 6"0"    Weight: 210

Bats/Throws: Left / Right

Born: 11/03/1987 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Offseason home: Salisbury, North Carolina

College: University of North Carolina

Family: Wife Julie, son Crue, daughter Remi Audrey

Acquired: Drafted 2009 (3rd round)

MLB Debut: 07/07/2011

Free Agent after: 2021 season

That seven-year, $100 millon contract for Seager, a lifetime .263 hitter, was predicated in part on the notion that he did the little things well—things that didn’t necessarily show up in traditional stats. In 2016, for example, he hit a career-high .278 with a .359 OBP, 30 HRs and 99 RBIs. Nice numbers but not necessarily world beaters. Yet according to WAR, he was the eighth-best position player in the Majors.

Last year, too, by WAR, he was again considered the eighth-best ... but on the Mariners. Yep. According to WAR, which has traditionally loved him, Seager was less valuable than not only Nellie and Robbie, but Paxton, Zunino, Segura, Haniger, and Jarrod Dyson, whose 2.6 WAR was a shade better than Seager’s 2.5. Does that mean Kyle has stopped doing the little things well? Or is it just the traditonal stuff? His batting average dropped by nearly 30 points: from .278 to .249. His OPS dropped nearly 100 points. He struck out more, walked less, hit less, hit for power less. And in the off-season he turned 30. 

We’re rooting for the guy. We love the way he plays. But earlier this decade we were hoping for better than .249 from him. To be honest, we were hoping for better than .278.