51 and counting

Your Seattle Mariners already hold the record for most players used in a single season. They set the mark in 2019, with 67 different names on the active roster over the course of the year. This season's Mariners, who have now played 64 games with 98 to go, will likely shatter that record.

With today's acquisition of first baseman/outfielder Jake Bauers (insert Kiefer Sutherland joke here), the Mariners have used 51 different players in 2021. The injured list has been a popular destination all around baseball, but especially with the M's this year—11 players are on Seattle's IL right now, and six others have spent time there already. With little depth in the high minors, general manager Jerry Dipoto figures to keep making liberal use of the waiver wire in collecting scraps from other teams to fill the void du jour after yesterday's scraps get DFA'd.

It's too much to keep up with. When the season began, we here at grandsalami.net HQ made sure to have the entire active roster represented in our player profile section so you all had easy access to info on anyone who might take the field for the M's, but that proved to be unsustainable in fairly short order. Six players have both joined and left the club mid-season, and one, Jacob Nottingham, did so twice!

So what will the record be come October? Will it somehow remain 67, or will it top 70? 75? 85?

Perhaps the marketing department should ditch "Sea Us Rise" as the ad slogan (they really should, that's terrible), and try "The 2021 Seattle Mariners: Team of 100 Faces" or "The ’21 Mariners: A Welcoming Transient Community." Something like that.

Just a thought.


  • Posted by Bill on June 11, 2021 (6 months ago)

    Will the M's finish with more players used, or wins, in '21? The former started with a numerical advantage of 26 and its lead has narrowed to 20.

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