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Midsummer Classic to be marred by more Manfred mistakes

There is seemingly no aspect of Major League Baseball that Commissioner Rob Manfred will not try to monkey with. His latest foray into diminishing the game's appeal is a minor one, but it still irks: All-Star Game uniforms.

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Mather may be gone, but Matherism persists with the Mariners

If you follow much baseball stuff on Twitter, you may have seen the thread from Dae Shik Kim Jr. last Friday night that detailed how the staff at TMP harassed him and his party for having the temerity to be sitting in the expensive seats near the dugout while being not-Caucasian.

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Dramatic sweep of Rays gives M's some swagger

When I was at last Friday night's game between Your Seattle Mariners and the defending American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays, a woman sitting a few seats away from me tapped my arm for my attention. "Excuse me, you seem like you know baseball," she said, noticing me filling out the starting lineups in my scorebook. "Is Seattle favored to win this game?""Oh, hell no," I said. "Tampa Bay is the best team in the league, fresh off a World Series. Seattle is a schizophrenic team with a terrible batting line and a manager that sometimes seems like he's in...

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Baseball's latest scandal isn't SpiderTack, it's Manfred

Welcome to another of what some critics on Facebook will no doubt call a hit piece on Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred. Call it what you will. It's no secret that we here at HQ do not think highly of the job Manfred has done or the manner in which he's done it.

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The TMP experience, 2021 style

Tonight I went to a baseball game in person for the first time in two years. It's been a long absence from the ballpark—and from most other social and cultural aspects of life—thanks to the COVID pandemic, but with vaccinations becoming common, life is starting to approach normalcy again.

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Number crunching II: JP Crawford edition

A couple weeks back, we did a dive into the batting splits of what was then the active Mariner roster, finding some interesting things, like Kyle Seager is Superman with runners in scoring position and Jimmy Olsen with the bases empty. But one interesting case was J.P. Crawford.

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Servais does nothing wrong in Mariner win

The last couple of days here on the lead posts have been about how the manager of Your Seattle Mariners, Scott Servais, tends to screw up, fail to act, or otherwise make unforced errors in strategy during everyday in-game circumstances. Yesterday's was a rant based on merely theoretical suppositions from personal observations regarding closer Kendall Graveman, and I caught a bit of flak for it over on Facebook (always on %&@#ing Facebook) because it was just me observing things that seemed to go unnoticed by Servais, not something backed up by data.

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Digging his own Grave(man): Servais and the ’pen

Scott Servais won today. More accurately, the Seattle Mariners won, defeating the Cleveland Native American Caricatures 6-2 behind a great outing from starting pitcher Logan Gilbert and big hits from Jake Fraley, Kyle Seager, and J.P. Crawford. Servais just got lucky when his ineptitude was bailed out by fine glovework from Dylan Moore and Fraley.

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Does Scott Servais even want to win games?

The headline above is in jest. Sort of.

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51 and counting

Your Seattle Mariners already hold the record for most players used in a single season. They set the mark in 2019, with 67 different names on the active roster over the course of the year. This season's Mariners, who have now played 64 games with 98 to go, will likely shatter that record.

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Monarchs, Giants, and Stars

This feature originally appeared in the June 2015 print edition of The Grand Salami.

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More roster moves

In addition to yesterday's announcement that Jarred Kelenic was being demoted to Triple-A Tacoma and Shed Long Jr. was returning to the Mariners, there was another pair of moves announced today, ahead of the opening game of a three-game series in Detroit between the Mariners and the Tigers.

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Kelenic era paused

In a stunning admission of reality, the Mariners have optioned prized prospect Jarred Kelenic back to Triple-A Tacoma. The 21-year-old would-be phenom was brought up to the Majors back on May 13th after just six games in Triple-A. Despite a good second game in the bigs—a 3-for-4 night against Cleveland that included his first home run—Kelenic turned out, unsurprisingly, not to be ready for prime time. His first stint in the Majors was 23 games and 92 plate appearances, in which he posted a batting line of .096/.185/.193.

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Number crunching

Watching the Mariners drop two of three games to the Athletics to close out their most recent homestand, it was frustrating to see all the sub-.200 averages in their lineups. At this writing, when the M's are winging their way down to Orange County to take on the Angels, Seattle's active roster contains seven position players out of twelve batting below the Mendoza Line. Over half. (And one of the other five has fewer than 20 at-bats.) That's sad even by this year's diminished standard for hitting.

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Injury updates

Well, it seems our earlier assumption that center fielder Kyle Lewis' injury was relatively minor was a bit off the mark. It now appears that Lewis will likely need surgery to repair his latest knee troubles and miss a great deal of time on the field.

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Yet more roster moves

The Mariners have made a few more roster moves today, continuing the season-long dance known as the Injury List Shuffle.

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