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Midseason exam

Now that the All-Star Game and accompanying hooplah are in the rearview mirror (yay, Ty France finally got in! Boo, another really boring ASG with another Fox Sports broadcast that focused on everything except the game itself), let's take a minute and look at how Your Seattle Mariners did in the first half and how it comported with what we were all thinking before the season.

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Ty France continues to get no respect

The Mariners are on an historic 11-game winning streak. That's what matters (insofar as anything related to baseball matters in the grand scheme of things). Next Tuesday's All-Star Game is merely an exhibition, a sideshow. Moreover, it's a sideshow that has become a parody of itself in recent years with the advent of mic'd up player interviews while they are on the field, either fielding or batting, and absolutely no one involved with the actual playing of the game cares who wins.

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Mariners snubbed (for now) with All-Star selections

Major League Baseball announced the reserve rosters for the All-Star teams yesterday, and they included a few surprises. The biggest being the absence of a certain Tyler Lawrence France.

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Eight straight

Well, that was unexpected.

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All-Star Should-bes

Going back to my teenage years, I've indulged in an annual exercise to select the All-Star teams in advance of the official announcements of who makes the cut. It was a fun intellectual game I played and it was always enjoyable to see how I was "smarter" than the ASG managers and the Commissioner's Office.

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Don't look now, but Your Seattle Mariners are just one game away from .500.

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M's Beat O's in Fun Fashion, and How OBP Can Be Lower than BA

Last Wednesday I saw my first in-person M's win of the season (I was 0-3), and it was pretty definitive, 9-3 over Baltimore. All the damage was done in two innings.

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