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Mariners Turn Ghostbusters on Yankees in Extras

Well, I never thought I'd see that again.

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Eight straight

Well, that was unexpected.

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Hope returns with series win vs. Mets...sort of

Go figure. The struggling, seemingly offensively inept Mariners drop into New York City to take on the National League's best team and actually beat them. Twice. The Mets hadn't lost a series all season, small sample though it may have been, and here the lowly Seattle Mariners take two of three behind some exceptional performances. You just never know, do you?

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Horrid homestand hobbles M's

It was not a happy homecoming. After dropping seven of nine games on the recent road trip, the Mariners were looking forward to righting the ship at home. Didn't work out that way. On the seven-game homestand against the Rays and the Phillies, the M's managed just two wins, and those by the skin of their teeth. The club heads back out on the road now—to take on powerhouses in New York and Toronto before closing the trip in Boston—bruised and battered, looking for anything to help them bet back to winning games.

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Road trip roundup

The Mariners' just-completed road swing through Florida and Houston contained a little good, a lot of bad, and even some ugly. Riding high at the end of their last homestand, they began the trip four games over .500 and in first place. They return home a game under break-even and in third place, three games back of the Angels in the American League West. A good time was not had by all.

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A tale of two ballclubs

The season-opening road trip for Your Seattle Mariners showed us a 2022 team very much like the 2021 version. The just-concluded home-opening series vs. Houston showed us what a new ’22 Mariner club could be instead. Distinctly different outcomes from what would appear from the outside to be distinctly different offensive approaches give credence to the theory that relying on home runs is for chumps.

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Well, that was brutal.

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Failures send first big TMP crowd in ages home frustrated

I got a note early Friday afternoon from an employee at TMP telling me that the Mariners were expecting an attendance of over 40,000 at that night's game between the M's and Los Angeles Angels. Seattle's position in the Wild Card standings was generating a lot of enthusiasm, people were paying a premium for tickets. Only scattered singles were still available to buy, at least from official channels.

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The most Mariners ninth inning ever

If ever there was a single inning that encapsulized what it feels like to be a fan of Your Seattle Mariners in long standing, it was last night's bottom of the ninth.

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Benchless in New York

The Mariners are off today, getting a breather before starting a homestand tomorrow against the Rangers and Blue Jays. They seem to need the break—their just-completed 4-6 road trip was exhausting just from the fan's point of view, one wonders what the players themselves feel like after:

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The TMP experience, 2021 style

Tonight I went to a baseball game in person for the first time in two years. It's been a long absence from the ballpark—and from most other social and cultural aspects of life—thanks to the COVID pandemic, but with vaccinations becoming common, life is starting to approach normalcy again.

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Servais does nothing wrong in Mariner win

The last couple of days here on the lead posts have been about how the manager of Your Seattle Mariners, Scott Servais, tends to screw up, fail to act, or otherwise make unforced errors in strategy during everyday in-game circumstances. Yesterday's was a rant based on merely theoretical suppositions from personal observations regarding closer Kendall Graveman, and I caught a bit of flak for it over on Facebook (always on %&@#ing Facebook) because it was just me observing things that seemed to go unnoticed by Servais, not something backed up by data.

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The blame game

The Mariners are terrible when it comes to swinging the bats. Why is that? Who's at fault? Where should we fans be directing our outrage and our demands for accountability?

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Mariners limp home after 1-4 trip, send for help

Your Seattle Mariners are once again an under-.500 team. Losing big tonight to the newly-revitalized Los Angeles Dodgers, the M's fell below the break-even mark for the first time since April 6th. The 7-1 loss closes out a brief five-game road trip during which the M's won once, a 5-4 victory in Texas last Friday, and brings their season record down to 18-19.

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Scott Servais and the Dodgers beat M's in LA

It was bound to happen. It had been too long since Scott Servais, manager of the Seattle Mariners, handled a game as if he were a double agent. OK, that's too harsh. It's not that Scott Servais was consciously working for the other side; he was more of an unwitting agent, what in geopolitical espionage might be called a "useful idiot."

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Observations from the Texas series

It's been a tough week for Your Seattle Mariners, what with losing two of three to an objectively bad Baltimore team, being no-hit by said Baltimore team's one good pitcher, seeing the team batting average drop perilously close to the .200 mark, and then effectively beat themselves in a winnable game in the DFW Metroplex against the Rangers.

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Angels series highlights best and worst of M's

In winning the rubber match of this past weekend's three-game series against the LA Angels, the Mariners moved past the Houston Astros and into second place in the AL West standings. Now, it's only May 3rd, much too early to put any stock into who is where in the standings, but at 16-13 Seattle continues to perform above the expectations of many preseason prognosticators, having won five and split two of the nine series played thus far. These three games highlighted both the reasons the M's may well be better than expected and the reasons expectations were so low.

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Sugoi! Kikuchi gem keeps Mariners above .500

Those don't look like walks to me—in fact, Straw, at least, should be another strikeout—and without that kind of umpiring Yusei's pitch count would likely have been low enough to get him through at least one more inning. That he mowed down the Astros so well despite that unpredictable moving strike zone is even more remarkable. As his countrymen might say, Sugoi desu ne.Yusei helped himself defensively too, fielding a Baltimore-chop off the bat of Yuli Gurriel following the one hit he allowed in exceptional fashion, sliding to catch the ball on one high bounce and throwing the runner out...

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Mariners hold their own against best in baseball

The just-completed two-game Interleauge set against the Los Angeles Dodgers was a remarkable statement by Your Seattle Mariners. Had both games resulted in lopsided Dodger victories, no one would've batted an eye. LA's club is the best of the best, Seattle's was picked to lose 90+ games by most preseason prognosticators (though not us). Instead, the M's handed the Dodgers their first experience of 2021 in which they didn't take a lead at any point in a game, then followed up with a pitching performance that held them to a mere two hits.Unfortunately, LA was up to the task in...

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Futility, injuries, and batting around: M's take 1 of 3 vs. ChiSox

The just-completed three-game set against the White Sox left the Mariners with a 3-3 record as they hit the road for the first time in 2021. After taking two of three against the Giants, Seattle dropped two of three to the likely contenders from Chicago's south side and looked a bit schizophrenic when doing it.Monday night's game saw the anemic version of the Mariners, the group that can't execute with runners aboard but is plenty adept at whiffing at strike three. Tuesday night saw the opportunist M's, ready to pounce on opponent mistakes when at bat, but more than willing...

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Pitching and patience give M's first series win

After Opening Night's wild and wacky role-reversal win for the Mariners against the San Francisco Giants, things seemed to revert to form for Game Two. In that affair on Friday night, Yusei Kikuchi threw a gem, striking out ten over six innings while only racking up 89 pitches, a start marred only by two mistakes—home runs the opposite way off of outside fastballs to Buster Posey and Evan Longoria. (They weren't bad pitches, either, it's not like Yusei grooved them down the middle.) It was a terrific game for the Japanese lefty and he left with the score tied at 3-3.

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Game One: Through the looking glass

Game 1 of 162 is in the books, and it was ... weird. Fans in the stands, but only 9,000. Marco on the mound, but also Jeff Nelson and his tiny tiny strike zone behind the plate. Kevin Gausman pitching for the opposition as if he were Juan Marichal. And the Mariners coming back from 5-0 and 6-1 to win 8-7 in the 10th inning, a 10th inning in which free baserunners were used because reasons.

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Game notes — 9/22/20

Happy fall, everyone. Well, "happy" adjusted for 2020, anyway.

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Game notes—9/12/20

Well, yesterday's opener of the three-game set in Phoenix didn't go as expected—the dreadful Diamondbacks managed to get a win with outstanding pitching of their own while Seattle's Yusei Kikuchi had a first inning full of meatballs that got smacked before settling down into a fine several innings after. Tonight it's fellow lefty Justus Sheffield against the cellar-dwelling Snakes and I'm trying another of these notes/observations-as-I-watch posts. Because it's a pandemic and the air outside is a think hellish blanket of particulates and probably carcinogens, so what else am I going to do this evening?

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Game notes—9/5/20

Another edition of Notes While I Watch the M's, hopefully less stream-of-consciousness and more cogent-observational-insight. But we'll see.

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Kikuchi, M's sink Rangers to 10 games under .500

After a few days of unscheduled respite, the Mariners took the field to host the Texas Rangers Friday night and made them look like, well, a really bad baseball team. Yusei Kikuchi had one of his better starts in this abbreviated season, holding the Rangers to just two hits over six innings to earn the win.

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Game notes—8/29/20

Well, I'm a little late to the party tonight, but here we go with the M's and Angels on about an hour's delay. Justus Sheffield going for Seattle against Dylan Bundy, who pitched a complete-game 2-1 victory against hte M's earlier in the year.

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Doubleheader game notes—8/27/20

With yesterday's game against the Padres called off due to righteous social outrage, today we have a doubleheader. It's a 2020-style doubleheader, which kind of blows—each game will be only seven innings long—but, in the vernacular of the day, it is what it is.

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Game notes—8/25/20

Let's try another live-ish blog of a game. These haven't been as interesting as I'd hoped when I've done them for prior contests, and I'm not sure what the best format for such things is, but what the hey, one more shot at it here.

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Halfway through

Believe it or not, we are now halfway through the season. With a miniaturized 60-game schedule, 2020 was always going to feel weird, and it's been interesting to notice how both expectations and attitudes about the campaign have evolved as that weirdness settled in.

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Back to normal

So, yesterday's aberration was apparently just a one-time deal. In this afternoon's game between Your Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Dodgers, formula returned:

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Breaking the format

Well, that was...weird.

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Game notes—8/14/20

The Mariners are back in Houston already. Weren't they just there? Well, this sort of thing happens even in in standard-type seasons, so with this year's wacky west-only schedule it's no surprise that such things happen. At least it was on the same trip as a stop in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Efficiency!

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The 2020 M's: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, one pitching change at a time

If last night's series finale with the Texas Rangers gave you a feeling of déjà vu, well, it's probably because you've seen this before. The 7-4 loss to the Rangers pretty much followed what we can now call a template for your 2020 Seattle Mariners. It hasn't played out like this in every game, but since leaving Houston after the opening series of the season, the formula goes like this:

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Game Notes—8/11/20

The Rangers are not tempting fate again with their roof, it's closed tonight. No heat-carried homers for you!

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Game Notes—8/10/20

Not-quite-live from the brand-new ballpark in the DFW Metroplex, the Mariners are taking on the Texas Rangers for the first time in 2020. Rookie Justin Dunn on the mound against veteran Kyle Gibson. Both teams with struggling offenses and iffy bullpens. Only one will win! Let's see how things unfold.

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8/9/20 Notes after the fact—M's upset Colorado

It was a beautiful day in Seattle and, harkening back to the days of the Kingdome, the Mariners played under a roof. Because of a ridiculous protocol that says closing the roof on lovely days is preferable to installing some sort of shade canopy over the seats behind the dugout for the benefit of players seated there for social distancing purposes. Why? I'm going with laziness. You may have other theories.

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Game notes—8/8/20

I'm a little bit behind schedule today, so this is not a live-blog. Not that it matters as y'all tend to see these well after the fact anyway. Can the M's rebound against the super-tough Rockies? Two untried young pitchers starting us off, so who knows what to expect. Here we go:

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Game notes—8/7/20

Back to watching live, some notes and observations from tonight's Mariner game against Colorado, as it happens (though you're likely reading this after the fact)! Yusei Kikuchi on the mound for Seattle, looking for his first win in start number three. Looks like Crawford and White both getting the night off, at least to start off.

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Game notes—8/6/20

Again not watching this one live; it's getaway day for the Angels and I had stuff to do this afternoon. But, since we live in the future, I can watch it now and do my notes and observations after the fact. Onward!

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Game notes—8/5/20

I missed last night's game (gee, too bad), but tonight is a Marco Gonzales night, so even though I cannot watch live, I will take in the entire thing on DVR-delay and do a not-really-live-but-same-basic-result blogging of the action. Let's snap this four-game losing skid, OK? Onward—DVR: Engage!

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Game notes—8/3/20

Just when it looked like things might start going the Mariners' way, the Oakland A's come to town and take three of four, with the last one being both the most and the least irritating. Quite the simultaneous feat!

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Game notes - 8/2/20

Some thoughts as I watch Sunday's game between the Mariners and the Oakland Athletics:

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Game notes - 8/1/20

Observations and brain droppings as I watch Saturday evening's tilt against the Oakland A's:

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Ms BLM fists

Game notes: 7/31/20

Musings and observations on tonight's home opener, a 5-3 win over the Oakland A's:

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Game notes—7/30/20

A few random thoughts/observations from tonight's 8-5 Mariner win over the Angels...

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M's show some life in win vs Angels

Tonight's game against the Los Angeles Angels was an interesting one to watch. The Mariners won it, for one thing, which is always more fun than the usual. But it also had a lot of the good and a lot of the bad that we can expect to see as this weird mini-season unfolds.

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M's win in Houston, hell dips below freezing

The Mariners hadn't won a game in Houston since 2018, but the pulled one out today. Barely. By the skin of their teeth.

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Game two: as it happens

Tuning in to Game Two of the mini-season from the cesspool of the Gulf, Houston, Texas. Observations:

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Game One thoughts

What do you know. The season really did start. Three weeks ago I'd have put money on it not starting, but then I should have had more faith in the abilities of Commissioner Manfred and the other Major League Baseball powers that be to ignore anything that might get in between them and money. Pandemic, shmandemic.

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