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Burnout and what to do with this site

Hi, readers. Nice to have you here. Sadly, your number is small.

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Greetings, frequent and infrequent readers, social media travelers, and those few and valued RSS subscribers.

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The Facebook Dilemma

Social media has been a revolutionary tool. It's a great way to connect with people around the globe. But it's also become a problem in some ways, and when it comes to reaching an audience with a website like this one it can be a real double-edged sword.

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Game notes: 7/31/20

Musings and observations on tonight's home opener, a 5-3 win over the Oakland A's:

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Minor Notes

Just a few items for the day:

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Social media, the virtual season, and the baseball-less summer

It's hard to keep a baseball website active when there's no baseball being played. There's not even the sort of offseason "hot stove" stuff going on, the only current events to cover are the latest dumb ideas coming out of the Commissioner's office.

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About the Virtual Season on

Good afternoon everybody, wherever you may be. I hope you all are doing as well as can be expected during our time of coronavirus-enforced isolation A few notes to update you all on what we're doing here on the site with our virtual 2020 season, especially given that there are no encouraging developments in the real world that suggest we'll see a real 2020 season anytime soon, if at all.

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I'm gonna sleep until Tuesday

Apologies. I had intended to post more frequently during my just-completed non-Mariners road trip, but circumstances—including 15-inning games, wifi failures, camera battery issues, and other stuff—hindered that plan. But I have returned now, and all the tech necessary is available and time is less restricted.

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Pitching failures turn series win into series loss vs. Cards

The just-completed Interleague series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals was a frustrating experience from before the first pitch of the first game, and not just because I was prevented from getting into the ballpark on time Tuesday night because of an electronic ticketing fiasco. In the greater Mariner fan universe, we were given yet another experiment with "the opener" Tuesday (and Thursday), which was enough to make one shake one's fist and scream into the void and diminish any expectations of things getting better.

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Keeping alive

Greetings, loyal readers. In this, the second year of the new iteration of The Grand Salami, e.g. the online-only era, I continue to do my best to keep you, the Mariner fanbase, informed and entertained. Alas, I am mostly doing it on my own, as getting volunteers to write for the site is, understandably, a hard sell. The site is still operating well into the red and there's no budget for writers. I want to change all that, but getting out of the red is a challenge, and I would like your help and indulgence.

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What should we call the home ballpark?

Though officially dubbed T-Mobile Park, here at we've chosen not to refer to the Mariners’ home field by that name. What should we call it instead? Thoughts?

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Shameless Commerce Department is now featuring prints of Mariner player portraits in the store. Four players currently available, with others to be added as the season progresses. If your favorite Mariner isn't yet in the mix, sound off in the comments and put in a request!

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Into the Wayback Machine

While we wait for the next episode of Jerry Dipoto's Mariner Makeover Trade Bonanza, we thought we'd post a few items from the great history of The Grand Salami. During its 22 year run as a print magazine, we featured player interviews, news of the day, and columns from local sportswriters like Rob Neyer, Mike Gastineau, and Jim Caple.

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Site Refinements, GS Progress

Hello, faithful readers. As we get closer to Thanksgiving (what? How did we get here already?!), just a quick "Thanks" to those of you who have followed here from the former print edition of Grand Salami and those of you who came to the site after the magazine ceased to exist after 2017. I'm glad to have a readership through the growing pains of the new's first season and hope to grow it during the offseason as we get prepped for the Mariners taking the field in 2019.

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As I get ready to watch tonight's Mariner game against the Angels (on a delay—thank you, modern technology), I'm wrapping up the creation of a new page on Inspired by a conversation I had a while back with friends who are relatively new to baseball, a reference for baseball terminology and lingo is right here for those times when you're watching a game and the announcer seems to start talking jibberish. It might be jibberish—especially if you're watching a White Sox game, Hawk Harrelson is an add one—but more likely it's something you, the aspiring baseball expert, should know.

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As the Dodgers pummel the M's in game one of this weekend series, I've taken some time to update some of the more egregiously outdated player profiles.

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In addition to the standard update to the page for the current opposing team, player profiles for Felix Hernández, Denard Span, Zach Duke, and Ryon Healy have been updated/added. Others are still out of date and need attention, I know. If anyone wants to volunteer their help with that, I'm open to it...

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The player profiles section has been updated to include the new arrivals—Sam Tuivailala, Adam Warren, Zach Duke, and Cameron Maybin.

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It was brought to my attention that a few areas of the site had been misbehaving of late, so I spent some time today implementing a few fixes:

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