What do you know? It's the Trivia Challenge Mark II

While we continue waiting out the COVID-19 hiatus, why not indulge in a little baseball quiz-taking? In the spirit of last year's Mariner-centric Trivia Challenge, we present this year's more generalized (with plenty of M's stuff too) baseball trivia quiz. Click below to begin, then when you're done you'll be brought back here so you can tell us what you think.

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Jim Bouton Interview

Former Major League pitcher and celebrated author Jim Bouton died Wednesday, July 10, at the age of 80. No cause of death was reported but Bouton had been suffering from cerebral amyloid angiopathy for some time. Bouton was a member of the Seattle Pilots in their only year of existence, 1969, until he was traded to Houston late in that season, and kept a diary of his time there and with the Astros; he would turn that diary into a best-selling book, "Ball Four," released to acclaim and controversy in 1970.

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M's Trivia Challenge

While we wait for spring training to gear up in force, let's take a walk down memory lane and see how well we know our Mariner history. Take the Mariners Quiz! When you've reached the end, you'll be brought back here and you can let us know what you thought. Onward!

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Edgar Martinez: Hall of Famer

It's finally official: Edgar Martínez is going to the Hall of Fame. Announced today, the lifetime Seattle Mariner is one of four new Hall of Famers; the class of 2019 includes Martínez, Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay, and Mariano Rivera—the first player to be elected unanimously.

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Site Refinements, GS Progress

Hello, faithful readers. As we get closer to Thanksgiving (what? How did we get here already?!), just a quick "Thanks" to those of you who have followed here from the former print edition of Grand Salami and those of you who came to the site after the magazine ceased to exist after 2017. I'm glad to have a readership through the growing pains of the new's first season and hope to grow it during the offseason as we get prepped for the Mariners taking the field in 2019.

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Ichiro Forever

In the first of what I hope will be a lengthy series of reader-submitted columns, Matt Estrada tells of his introduction to Mariner fandom and how Ichiro Suzuki became a favorite in the Estrada household.

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DCA18050816 Mariners vs Bluejays

Peak Paxton

I think I can lay my concerns about James Paxton to rest now. In is first start of 2018, Pax looked bad, allowing six runs to the Indians without getting out of the fifth inning. He had three pretty good starts following that, but not great, and then another bad one in Texas. Was there something wrong? Had the Big Maple been cut down to size?

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Ichiro No More

Well, it's happened. Sort of.As rumored earlier this week, Ichiro Suzuki has hung up his spikes, at least for the remainder of this year. He is not officially retired, according to his agent, but for all practical purposes, the future Hall of Famer's Major League career ended last night, when he played all nine innings in left field for the Mariners in their loss to the Oakland A's.The Mariners are reporting the Ichiro will "transition" to a front office role currently defined as Special Assistant to the Chairman.

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Mariners Figure to Extend Streak in 2018

In all of the major sports, what team has gone the longest without appearing in a playoff game? That's right, your Seattle Mariners, who haven't tasted the postseason since 2001.

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Remembering Dave: Andy Niehaus shares thoughts of his dad

I know many of you reading this have lost a loved one, a close family member. Well, when my dad, Dave Niehaus, passed away late last year, it was my first, and I have found all of the tired old clichés to be true. I used to snicker when people said things like, “You never know what you have until you lose it,” but not anymore.

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