Fight fallout

Consequences from last Sunday's bench-clearing brawl between the Los Angeles Angels and Your Seattle Mariners are manifesting. The Commissioner's Office handed down a dozen suspensions, at least two players are now in the injured list due to problems resulting from the scuffle, and a YouTuber has dissected every detail of the video of the altercation which shows I had some of the details wrong in yesterday's post.

Seattle catcher Luis Torrens injured his shoulder in the brawl. He is now on the 10-day injured list. Angels pitcher Archie Bradley fell over the dugout rail as he was joining the scrum, landing hard on his pitching arm. He is on the injured list and will miss several weeks. So far, anyway, no other injuries requiring missed time have been reported, but several people took blows that undoubtedly left some bruises.

The Angels' manager drew a suspension, the principal fight participants drew suspensions, a few ancillary Angels personnel were suspended, and so was, for some reason heretofore unknown, Julio Rodríguez. The Mariners' contingent is all appealing and continue to be active for the moment; only Rodríguez seems to have a prayer of winning his appeal.

The details of the fight that were mistakenly laid out yesterday due to incomplete angles on the available video were mostly around the Mariners' Jesse Winker and the Angels' Anthony Rendon, though they were the first to engage. Rendon did in fact shove Winker to start the physical portion of the fracas, but it was actually Angel reliever Ryan Tepera who started punching Winker and whom Winker retaliated against. When Eugenio Suárez, Torrens, and others separated Winker from the scrum on the ground with Tepera, Dylan Moore was actually engaged with an Angels coach, who swung at Moore and landed a flailing half-punch/half-slap to the face; DyMo didn't hit back, to his credit, and someone else (unidentified) from the M's hustled that Angel coach away from the fray. That's when Winker made his way to Angel manager Phil Nevin and got right up in his grill, rightfully placing blame on him.

After the fracas died down, Nevin then had an exchange with the umpiring crew chief, Adrian Johnson, where he admitted that yes, all of this was done on purpose because he, Nevin, is a childish baby-man who lives by alleged playground codes where men settle things like cavemen. Justifying himself to Johnson, Nevin said, apparently in protest to his ejection, "you know the game, Adrian," meaning "you know how this works, they throw at our guy, we bean their guy, it's all about the brawling," not understanding—or rather, willfully misunderstanding—that the previous night's wild pitch over Mike Trout's head was not purposeful, and further ignoring the fact that in the prior series between the clubs, the Angels did in fact nail a Mariner batter, Justin Upton, in the head in a very similar circumstance. Gave Upton a concussion, in fact, and the Mariners did not react like Neanderthals, they went on with the game assuming that it was an accident (which it probably was). And their guy actually got hit. In the head. Got a concussion and missed time on the IL. Trout didn't get hit. Anyway, Johnson wasn't buying what Nevin was selling and Nevin remained incredulous. "You're better than that, Adrian," he said, which calls into question all sorts of things regarding Phil Nevin's value system.

Here are the suspensions handed out:

  • Phil Nevin (Angels manager): 10 games, not appealable
  • Anthony Rendon (Angels): 5 games, to be served after he comes off the injured list next season
  • Andrew Wantz (Angels): 3 games (not appealing, serving now)
  • Ryan Tepera (Angels): 3 games
  • Raisel Iglesias (Angels): 2 games
  • Dom Chiti (Angels pitching coach): 5 games, not appealable
  • Ray Montgomery (Angels bench coach): 2 games, not appealable
  • Bill Haselman (Angels catching coach): 1 game, not appealable
  • Manny del Campo (Angels interpreter): 2 games, not appealable
  • Jesse Winker (Mariners): 7 games (appealing)
  • J.P. Crawford (Mariners): 5 games (appealing)
  • Julio Rodríguez (Mariners): 2 games (appealing)

Meanwhile, the Mariners have called up recent minor-league acquisition Andrew Knapp to take Torrens' place on the active roster. Knapp signed as a minor-league free agent last month and has been playing with Triple-A Tacoma. He played five seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and began this year with the Pittsburgh Pirates, appearing in 11 games with them before his release. He'll fill in as a backup for catcher Cal Raleigh for now, though he's not expected to play very much.

Also, Kyle Lewis, who has been out for a month after suffering a concussion when hit in the head by a José Urquidy fastball, is reportedly feeling mostly recovered form the concussion but is just starting some baseball activity and is expected to get a minor-league rehab assignment at some point, so even though his on his way back it will still be a while. Ty France, who got hurt the other day in Oakland, is already swinging a bat again; this is encouraging but it remains to be seen if he'll be back as soon as his minimum 10 days on the injured list are up. Mitch Haniger is recovering form his ankle sprain and has progressed to jogging without pain, so his return is still on track for sometime around the All-Star break.



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