Game Notes—8/11/20

The Rangers are not tempting fate again with their roof, it's closed tonight. No heat-carried homers for you!

It's Marco Gonzales Night! Vogey getting the night off against the lefty Mike Minor. Let's see if the M's have any runs left after last night.

  • 0-0, Top 1st: Texas starter Mike Minor has been bad this year, but he made the All-Star team last season, so perhaps the numbers to date are a mirage. Let's see what the guys can do.
    A couple of groundouts and then a high chop from Seager that is erroneously ruled an out; Servais is challenging and it's gonna get overturned.
    Yep! Base hit. The radio broadcast already cut away from commercial, they're kind of hosed.
    After those first two outs, the M's went to work on Minor, they're running his pitch count up quite nicely. Nothing to show for it yet, though.
    Crawford: 6^-3, Moore: 5-3, Lewis: BB, Seager: 1BG, Nola: 5-3.
  • 0-0, Bottom 1st: Marco takes the hill looking for a third win. H won't get a no-hitter, though, as Kiner-Falefa singles through the hole here. Aww, Frazier with a cheap hit on a nice pitch and Texas has two aboard. Time for a double play.
    Huh, a pickoff play at second base. Pretty close, too. You don't see that very often these days.
    Marco is throwing his curve early today, that's good to see. There have been games where he didn't seem comfortable throwing it. Gallo is making him work pretty hard, though, 5 or 6 pitches to him so far. ... Jeez, nine pitches and counting in this AB. C'mon, this guy is a strikeout machine... Oh, no, he leans into one and gets hit by the pitch and loads the bases. Cripes, a mess despite good pitching here.
    Oh, sonofa—! Marco gets exactly what he wanted, a poorly-hit ground ball near the shortstop, and it gets into center field and drives in two runs. Talk about feeling snakebit, Marco is down 2-0 and really only one batter (Kiner-Falefa) made any kind of decent contact against him. Groundouts on the next two to end the inning, but a bummer of a sequence.
    Choo: 6^-3, Kiner-Falefa: 1BG, Frazier: 1BF, Gallo: HPB, Solak: 1BG, Calhoun: 5-3, Odor: 3U.
  • 0-2, Top 2nd: Long goes down on strikes to lead it off; if there's one guy that kind of personifies the Mariners' philosophy this year, it's Shed Long, an inconsistent performer that probably ought to be in Triple-A for a month or two. I guess you could say the same for Evan White, but he's got the big contract and the outstanding glove.
    Long: K, White: K, Gordon: P4.
  • 0-2, Bottom 2nd: Dylan Moore is in right field again, and I guess I can't fault Servais for that the way Moore has been hitting. Whenever a tough ball heads that way, though, I second-guess, but so far it's not an issue. Gonzales gets Jeff Mathis swinging on a really good curveball, and a nice efficient frame helps out his pitch count. Lot like yesterday, really, though here Marco's troubles came in spite of good pitches.
    Andrus: F9, Mathis: K, Choo: 4-3.
  • 0-2, Top 3rd: I wonder if Ivan Rodríguez and Adrian Beltre feel good about their cardboard avatars standing alongside the Bushes and Governor Greg Abbott. I'd insist on some distance if it was me.
    Another stolen base—really happy to see this every game. I'd be even happier of Mallex Smith could get back in the lineup and run like the wind, but he's not hitting and Moore is, so...
    Minor gets Lewis on strikes, with strike three being a really good level pitch that ran away from Lewis, like it was slicing out of Minor's hand. That's a nice weapon to have in your arsenal.
    Lopes: BB/SB, Crawford: K, Moore: BB, Lewis: K, Seager: P6.
  • 0-2, Bottom 3rd: Ooooooh, almost a great catch in left by Dee Gordon, but Kiner-Falefa gets a double. He's the only guy so far to get good wood on Marco's pitches.
    Huh, another pickoff play at second. I wonder what the scouting report on Kiner-Falefa is as a baserunner.
    Gallo gets plunked again, but Marco was just trying to establish the inside corner; Gallo leans way over in his stance, I'm surprised he doesn't wear an elbow guard.
    Solak with another groundball hit. Better than his last one, more of a legit hit this time. Still frustrating, though, looking for the ground ball and gets it, only to see it backfire.
    The pitch count is starting to be an issue, Marco's up near 60 with this lousy inning.
    Kiner-Falefa: 2BL, Frazier: 5-3, Gallo: HBP, Solak: 1BG, Calhoun: 1BG, Odor: P2f, Andrus: 6-3.
  • 0-4, Top 4th: So much for making the pitcher work. This frame went far too quickly.
    Nola: 4$-3, Long: P5f, White: F8.
  • 0-4, Bottom 4th: Choo and Kiner-Falefa both hit flies to the track that would probably have been home runs if the roof were open. Cue sad trombone sound.
    Mathis: K, Choo: F8, Kiner-Falefa: F8.
  • 0-4, Top 5th: Nick Goody in to pitch, Minor is finished for the night. Tim Lopes with a nice liner on a hit-and-run play, more running game! And it leads to a run as Gordon crosses the plate on J.P.'s hit, and we've got ourselves a nice inning going. Texas' reliever is aptly named.
    The broadcasters (Sims and Blowers) are discussing Moore's physique, observing he's put on muscle since last year. I hope there's not a PED suspension in his future, that this run of hitting from him is all for real.
    Meanwhile, Elvis Andrus throws one into the dirt and Lopes scores an unearned run. Goody is gone, Edison Vólquez comes in and serves up a single the other way form Seager. Kyle's still hot, still vying for comeback player of the year.
    Gordon: BB, Lopes: 1BL, Crawford: 1BL, Moore: 6-3 DP, Lewis: E6, pitching change, Seager: 1BL, Nola: K.
  • 2-4, Bottom 5th: Marco gets charged with a walk to Gallo, but that was a strikeout. Bad umpiring there, influenced perhaps by Gallo's batting stance hanging over the inside edge of the plate. That was strike three, man, and you know Marco hates to walk guys.
    The Vulcan kid Solak is quietly hot, gets his third hit of the game. Never heard of him before this series, he's pretty good.
    Stinky is spoiling a bunch of good two-strike pitches here, it's kind of grating my cheese. Finally gets him on a comebacker, but Marco's pitch count is likely maxed out now.
    Frazier: F9, Gallo: BB, Solak: 1BL, Calhoun: P1, Odor: 1-3.
  • 2-4, Top 6th: OK, let's get a few runs so Marco can win this. He's karmically due one when he goes from the losing end of pitcher of record to the win; it's certainly gone the other way on him plenty.
    Shed doesn't help by striking out against the new reliever, Joely Rodríguez, who's throwing free and easy and hard.
    Sims is now mocking the Rangers' stadium audio guy, and deservedly so. The fake crowd noise is pretty ridiculous tonight.
    Yikes, Rodríguez Ks the side. Sorry, Marco.
    Long: K, White: K, Gordon: K.
  • 2-4, Bottom 6th: Matt Magill on to pitch, and Nancy gets it done easily.
    Andrus: K, Mathis: K, Choo: K.
  • 2-4, Top 7th: Lame inning. Lame.
    Lopes: 4$-3, Crawford: 4-3, Moore: P7.
  • 2-4, Bottom 7th: Servias is throwing in the towel on this 2-run game, bringing in Altavilla to pitch. Gets away with a couple of pitches, Kiner-Falefa and Frazier both with deep flies, Frazier's taking Gordon to the wall in left, undoubtedly a homer with the roof open. Gallo had a meatball to drive too, but it went well foul.
    It goes in the books as an almost-clean inning for Altavilla, but that's deceptive.
    Kiner-Falefa: F9, Frazier: F7, Gallo: BB, Solak: 4-3.
  • 2-4, Top 8th: New pitcher, good. Get that nasty Rodríguez dude out of here. Hernández now.
    There appear to be some really terrible seats to be had at this new Rangers stadium. The left field corner has a cool funky angle to the wall, but the seats follow that geometry. So there are, it seems, quite a few seats that are both behind the foul pole and a wall adjoining the foul-territory seats that are at a higher elevation, and facing a point midway between second base and deep right field.
    Lewis: 4-3, Seager: F7, Nola: 6-3.
  • 2-4: Bottom 8th: Bryan Shaw in to pitch now, basically daring the Rangers to run up the score. Calhoun helps him out by swinging at a pitch almost above his head that would have been ball four.
    Calhoun: K, Odor: K, Andrus: 4-3.
  • 2-4, Top 9th: New pitcher is Rafael Montero. Saw him yesterday, this should go quickly.
    Long: F7, White: K, Gordon: P5.

Bleh. Hard-luck loss for Marco (again), but this time not because of the bullpen. A listless-looking offense tonight. Seager had a couple of nice drives, but not much else to crow about, they looked pretty flat out there.

This was one to forget. We get one more of these in Arlington and then head to Houston again. This road trip should come with hazmat suits.


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