Game notes—8/5/20

I missed last night's game (gee, too bad), but tonight is a Marco Gonzales night, so even though I cannot watch live, I will take in the entire thing on DVR-delay and do a not-really-live-but-same-basic-result blogging of the action. Let's snap this four-game losing skid, OK? Onward—DVR: Engage!

  • I see Dylan Moore is in the two-hole again. I don't like it. I know, he's one of the few Mariners with a decent average right now, but I still think it's a mirage.
  • Ooh, Marco getting a strike call to Trout on a low breaker. Let's see if he gets that pitch all game long.
  • Guess not. Much better curve to Rendon and called a ball.
  • Good inning! Marco getting the job done even though it looked like it was taking a minute to find his command.
  • Oh, Teheran tonight. I missed that announcement. He was down with COVID during camp, I wonder how much prep he had for the season.
  • Nicely done, J.P. Work the walk, steal a bag. Good slide. Blowers making a comment on the feet-first slide, but there've been several so far, he's just not remembering. Always go feet first!!
  • Moore pops up. See? Mirage.
  • I see that the "Opening Day" paint on the grass is fading, but they've made damn sure the damn cell phone service advertising on the grass is freshly touched up. I really hate those.
  • Hm. Tough inning, J.P. stranded at third. The Kyles didn't have a lot to work with, Teheran pretty effective against them, but they worked the counts and made him throw more pitches.
  • Really nice sequence from Marco to Upton. Grab some pine!
  • He's still not quite got the command on his curveball. Tried to snap one in to Pujols and it stayed high and wide. Slider's working, though. Loud foul ball on the fastball, but nobody this side of Edgar's gonna hit that fair.
  • Good range form Shed Long to get Pujols. I'm still not convinced he's ready for prime time defensively, but he's getting there.
  • Whoo! Curve isn't there yet, but Marco is still Marco. Six up and six down.
  • Good to see Vogey work the walk. It's one of his strengths that he got away from last year.
  • The book on Evan White is going to get around the league: get ahead and throw him a breaking ball away. I doubt he saw many of those hook sliders down in Double-A. He'll get going, but he's going to have to learn those pitches.
  • Another inning, another stranded runner. Pitchers' duel!
  • Stassi with a solo homer for the first run of the game. Looked like it was off a slider; Marco's fastball is on, breaking stuff not so much. He tried to get a curve over to Adell that ended up worse than the one to Pujols.
  • Generally still pretty effective, though. Couple of easy pops and he's out of it down just 1-0.
  • Of all the guys who are starting slow, the one I'm most eager to see get right is Mallex. He steps up here batting under .100 and chases one above the strike zone and fouls off another one. Not good signs. ...Aaaaand he gets jammed and grounds out. Good pitching.
  • Everything's going right for Crawford, isn't it. He gets a base hit on a jam-shot that falls just short of Trout.
  • The cutout of Rick Rizzs' giant head peeking up behind first base reminds me of something. Some Conan O'Brien or David Letterman bit, maybe?
  • Ooh, gift hit for Moore. Broken bat popup that has no business being a hit, but just the right spot to parachute in. Two on one away for Lewis.
  • Lewis is out and the Angels go to the ’pen. I guess Teheran had very little prep if he's pulled after 50ish pitches. Glad to get him out of the game and get into the less-than-stellar Angel bullpen, though.
  • Holy Moly. Kyle Seager with a LOUD 3-run bomb as the first batter against Buchter. I'm amazed at how well Seager is hitting, and not just because his avatar sucked it up for me in the virtual season. Nice to see, and I wonder what a good year will mean for him in terms of his Seattle future.
  • Nola with a ringing double. Hooray for Angel relievers!
  • All right, Vogey—another good PA with a walk, coming back from being 0-and-2. Let's see if Ev can get a fat one to drive here.
  • Ooh, he did, but hooked it foul. Dang. Whiffed on the next pitch. Rough start for him.
  • Marco's got a lead at 3-1 now, and a really good sequence to Trout. The fishman pops up harmlessly, Rendon grounds to Evan, Upton down on strikes again. Vintage Marco (sans curveball).
  • Blowers and Sims are talking about the dearth of bunting in today's game. I miss it, nice to hear it mentioned. Blowers is confusing the terms drag and push, though.
  • Marco back to work. Just threw his best curveball of the night, but still not enough snap on it. Good enough to set up a popup pitch to Pujols, though. And just painting the corners with his fastball.
  • OK, he's getting it—a better curve thrown to Ward on 0-2, gets fouled off, K on a fastball next pitch. Marco is personifying the term "Rembrandt" tonight.
  • Brilliant inning! Five in the books and still only one baserunner for the Angels. Too bad it was a homer. Marco came into the game with a WHIP under 1.000, now it's that much better. Man, this guy is good.
  • Who is this man wearing No. 25 and what has he done with Dylan Moore? Did his hitting get better from having COVID? Double off the wall. Shows what I know, maybe he's a good choice batting second after all.
  • Base hit Lewis, now 4-1! Never been happier to be wrong about a player than I am about Lewis.
  • Lewis with a steal! Loving this whole we-have-a-running-game-now turn of events with the M's. (Points off for the head-first slide, though.) Seager moves him over now setting up a gimme RBI for Nola. Can he execute?
  • Nope. Same old Mariners on that front.
  • The public address system playing the noise to gin up a nonexistent crowd is starting to annoy me.
  • Vogelbach fouls out to end the inning, but not a bad at-bat for him, fighting off some pitches and making Andriese work harder.
  • Wha—? Marco throws a painted strike on the corner and it gets called a ball. Boo. Not ruffling his feathers, though, right back after him. This might be his first three-ball count tonight.
  • Frak. Home run off the bat of Fletcher. Two hits off Marco tonight and they both left the yard. Not a terrible pitch, but it missed its mark just a little. 4-2 M's.
  • Forking shirtballs. The fishman with his 43rd career home run against the Mariners. 4-3 now. Such a shame, Marco was just brilliant and now it's a one-run game. The pitch to Fletcher is the one that's gonna come back as the monster in his dreams tonight, though, not the one to Trout.
  • Long with a one-out hit and Mallex grounds into a double play. Dangit, I really want Mallex to do well, I was so pleased when the M's traded for him and it's been painful to see him struggle.
  • Marco back to work in the 7th, strikes out Upton, gets Pujols on a foul pop, Ward on a grounder. That's close to 100 pitches, so we might see someone from the bullpen in the 8th. I'd be a lot more comfortable if there was better than a one-run lead by then. Marco would be too, I'm sure. Man, three baserunners in seven frames, all solo shots.
  • Looks like some Angel players have outfitted a few of the cutouts behind their dugout with Angels sweatshirts. I wonder if the fans who paid for those cutouts are aware...
  • Seager with another screaming meanie. So, does a hot-hitting Seager mean he sticks around, or that he becomes more tradeable and Jerry Dipoto gets to unload his 2021 contract?
  • Stolen base for Seager. Love it.
  • WHEE! Austin Nola with a double to the gap, just eluding Trout and Adell. 6-3, some breathing room for the bullpen!
  • Vogey intentionally passed, Evan makes them pay with a ground-rule double to make it 7-3. Nice! Decent strategy on the Angels' part, though, Ev had three Ks in the game.
  • Long pops it up to end the frame, but now a four-run lead. Marco and I can both breathe a little easier even though Servais opts to gamble on Taylor Williams again instead of protecting the lead with someone like Carl Edwards.
  • So we get a brilliant seven innings from Gonzales and right away Williams is all over the place, leadoff hit and then a hit batter. Fantastic stop by Seager to keep that leadoff hit a single and make it bang-bang at first, but still a hit. Williams is throwing hard, but like before it's a fastball ala Nuke LaLoosh; that killer slider to righties he had in Houston hasn't made an appearance here, when he's thrown one it hasn't had any break to speak of.
  • Oops, here's one that broke to get Renfrigo on strikes for the first out. It broke down, though, not laterally.
  • Fat slider to Fletcher runs the count full, nothing is going where Williams seems to be aiming. Gets a popup for the second out, so we'll call this "effectively wild" so far.
  • Oh, a wild pitch. How predictable.
  • Maybe those sliders he threw against the Astros were all flukes. Tonight he's only managed to get one to do what it did then, the rest have been meaty or way out of the zone.
  • Ooh, being wild means you do't get the close calls. Trout took strike three but is still up there.
  • Aaaaaaaannd we're back to a one-run game as the fishman absolutely CRUSHES a fat hanging slider out to Mack McCoy's seats in the LF bleachers.
  • Now the tying run is aboard with the second hit batter of the inning. Who's warming up to put out this fire? NOBODY. Because Scott Servais doesn't actually want to win games.
  • Whew, a lineout to Mallex ends the top of the 8th at 7-6 Mariners. Marco can still get the win. Unless Servais sends Williams back out or goes to Altavilla for the 9th.
  • I'm going to have to eat my words about Moore, aren't I. Another base hit and a steal for him here in the 8th, now Lewis with a 2-out walk and the Angels go to a lefty.
  • I like this Milner guy pitching sidearm for the Angels now. Reminds me of The Quiz and Kent Tekulve. He gets Seager to pop up and now it's hang-on time.
  • Top of the 9th and Servias surprises me by bringing in none other than Edwards to close it out. Let's see how the Stringbean handles it.
  • He handles it just fine! Healthy mix of speed and curves and the M's and Marco Gonzales have a victory! 

Streak snapped, Mariners now 5-8. Great stuff tonight from many, Servais gets away with his regular bonehead bullpen usage, Seager and Lewis—and somehow Dylan Moore—continue to be hot, and Marco remains awesome with just a bit of bad luck: three baserunners in 7 frames even without his good curveball.

One more against the Angels tomorrow.


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