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I'm gonna sleep until Tuesday

Apologies. I had intended to post more frequently during my just-completed non-Mariners road trip, but circumstances—including 15-inning games, wifi failures, camera battery issues, and other stuff—hindered that plan. But I have returned now, and all the tech necessary is available and time is less restricted.

That said, I got in on an much-delayed overnight flight from JFK an am pretty wiped, so I'm going to put off the detailed posting a little longer.

To come: Philadelphia has an awesome ballpark in a terrible location, the Phillies are managed badly, and center fielders pitch while starting pitchers get outfield assists throwing runners out at home from left field. And: new Yankee Stadium sucks, the Yankees and Red Sox always seem to play super-long games, and ex-Mariners galore. Plus: DC and NYC transit excellence (compared to here, anyway), Amtrak vs. airlines, and Central Park makes me sad that Seattle voted down Seattle Commons in 1995 (for the record, I voted for it).

Also, the M's split in DFW, trade away more relievers for prospects, and get humiliated again by the Astros.

How many current MLB ballparks have you been to?


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