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Keeping alive

Greetings, loyal readers. In this, the second year of the new iteration of The Grand Salami, e.g. the online-only era, I continue to do my best to keep you, the Mariner fanbase, informed and entertained. Alas, I am mostly doing it on my own, as getting volunteers to write for the site is, understandably, a hard sell. The site is still operating well into the red and there's no budget for writers. I want to change all that, but getting out of the red is a challenge, and I would like your help and indulgence.

First, your indulgence as I experiment with different advertising services. The service that has been in place since last year's launch is OK, but problematic; I'm finding that some browsers just never serve any impressions and even when no ad is served it's supposed to run a "house" ad for items in the store, which it has been failing to do more often than is really acceptable. The revenue from this service has been puny and I've yet to generate enough for a single payout. I'm still banned from Google Ads after a well-meaning audience from another project triggered its abuse sensor (not my fault, but tell that to Google), so I've been researching and testing a few other outfits. Some of these services are more intrusive than others, and I do not want to implement the types of ads that make me crazy as a user on the Internet—popunders, systems that force a popup ad if you click on anything on a page, autoplay videos, that sort of thing. Anyway, things might be a little wonky as I experiment with things for a while, so please be patient. And if you do find yourself overly irritated by an ad on the site, please let me know.

Second, your help in growing the audience. Traffic has picked up somewhat since last year, but not enough to generate revenue. So, if you would, help me spread the word. Tweet and Facebook share posts you like, follow and retweet from the @grandsalami_net Twitter account, and link to from your own sites if you have them.

Third, if anyone would be willing to occasionally write a post for free (I know, I know), please, pitch me your idea. We've only run one reader contribution thus far, and I'd love to be able to do it with some frequency. It's tough finding the time to keep things going here AND tend to things that I actually get paid for to pay the bills.

Better traffic should beget better ad revenue and possibly more merch sales, meaning, potentially, a budget for writers & photos and more frequent updates and a generally better experience for all. I want it to work. Your aid is appreciated!



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