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It was brought to my attention that a few areas of the site had been misbehaving of late, so I spent some time today implementing a few fixes:

  • The contact form had been broken due to a shift in the email security protocols at the site host level, so no form submissions had been getting through for a few weeks. That is now working again, now with encryption! Form submissions sent during the downtime have been received, they just came all at once after the fix was in place today.
  • Rendering on mobile platforms has been a work in progress from the get-go, but certain issues on the iOS (iPhone) model remain wonky. Some have been dealt with.
  • On all mobile platforms, the importation of statistics tables from is problematic; it works, but the display is narrower than it should be for the screen size. Still working on that, but in the meantime, all the info is there if you scroll right/left.
  • A new feature is now available for email notifications of new posts (a link is also on the sidebar of all pages). Sign up and get a heads-up in your inbox whenever a new article is posted! (At this point, only article posts are included in notifications; things like opposing team updates or player profile additions are not yet incorporated into the feed.) As always, our Twitter feed is also a great way to keep current—follow @GrandSalami_net.

Please feel free to keep me informed of any other site wonkiness you encounter, particularly when using iOS. Now that the contact form works again, it's easy to do!


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