Mariner for a day

Somewhat inexplicably, the Mariners just designated catcher Jacob Nottingham for assignment. Nottingham had just been acquired via a waiver claim from the Milwaukee Brewers and had joined the M's as an active player yesterday.

Nottingham was jettisoned in order to make room for callup Wyatt Mills. A 26-year-old righty reliever, Mills was a third-round draft choice by the Mariners in 2017 and has yet to play above the Double-A level. He was 4-2 with a 4.27 ERA at that level for Arkansas in 2019. Mills did see a little action in spring training, making two brief appearances in "A" games and serving up four runs on five hits.

The addition of Mills gives the M's fifteen—yes, fifteen—pitchers and just two bench players, at least for the moment. That is extreme even for this club and figures to last perhaps just one day and at most no longer than the duration of first baseman Evan White's bereavement leave, which began yesterday.

The move may have been made due to tonight's game being started by Ljay Newsome, who has yet to start a game this year and isn't expected to go very deep into the game. Still, even if all four of the relievers that pitched last night are deemed off the table for today, there are still four fresh arms in the bullpen and limiting your bench to two—two!!—is beyond risky. If carrying a three-player bench is playing with fire, just two is, what, playing hot-potato with a live hand grenade using a piece of speaker wire as the pin?

Here we go.


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