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More trades coming

More Mariner players may soon be on the move.

According to reports today by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, shortstop Jean Segura and starting pitcher Mike Leake have been asked to waive their no-trade rights. One potential deal being discussed would send both Segura and Leake to San Diego in exchange for defensive liability Wil Myers. Leake has also been asked about other potential destinations, says Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

That San Diego proposal is, to put it mildly, horrible. Myers is only adequate defensively at first base (or, even better, DH), consistently posts batting lines near last season's .253/.318/.446, strikes out over 25% of the time, is coming off an injury-plagued season, and is under contract for four more years at a gross overpayment of $74 million. Segura and Leake are, simply put, better players paid more commensurately with their skills. They both were acquired by Seattle General Manager Jerry Dipoto fairly recently, in pretty good deals, and who have performed reasonably to exceptionally well. Neither is being pushed out by another player at his position. The only reason to trade either (especially Segura) is for impact-level prospects for the future, not for a similarly-aged veteran with a reported bad attitude (one reason Myers was traded away from his original team, the Rays), giant contract, and problems getting on base.

What does this suggest is Dipoto's plan? Does he have one? Is he simply trade-happy? Or is there a larger scheme in motion that resembles that episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye had to arrange a string of favors for seven people around camp in order to get a pair of boots? (Worth noting: Hawkeye didn't get his boots.)

Segura and Leake for Myers doesn't make baseball sense or financial sense (Segura and Leake together are owed $7M more than Myers alone is, not including a portion of Leake's contract to be paid by his former team). It solves no positional problems and creates new ones. Trading Leake by himself for not-Wil-Myers might make sense, so those other possible destinations mentioned by Sherman could be worth investigating.

Pax Reax

What's your take on the James Paxton-to-the-Yankees trade?


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