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M's unveil new Spring unis

At a media event yesterday, the Mariners showed off new uniforms that they will wear in spring training. Instead of the northwest green jerseys and inverted trident "M" caps worn last spring, the new outfits consist of "powder blue" jerseys and a capital "M" against a four-pointed compass on the caps. The caps will also be worn for batting practice throughout the season.

The powder blue is reminiscent of the color used for the Mariners' road uniforms of the 1970s and '80s, though the "Mariners" wordmark is the modern style used on the current regular season uniforms.

Aesthetically, the powder blue is not a good match to the northwest green accent color used in the team's graphics, including the jersey wordmark, and that alone makes these a poor choice. But the issue is not aesthetics, it's revenue—the club has had new (or at least tweaked) spring jerseys and caps each of the past few years in order to have new items to sell to fans. So not to worry, this won't be a long-term look for the M's; next spring there will no doubt be a new version worn on the field and on shelves in the team stores.


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