Just a couple of notes as we await the start of tonight's All-Star Game from Denver:

  • Lone Seattle All-Star Yusei Kikuchi will not appear in tonight's All-Star Game after all. The Japanese lefty is eligible but choosing not to participate and as AL manager Kevin Cash did not want to be "short" a pitcher on his staff, Kikuchi has been replaced with Rays reliever Andrew Kittredge.
  • Commissioner Rob Manfred has heard from the fans and in a backhanded way has acknowledged the error of his ways. Ha ha, not really. But he did announce that the seven-inning doubleheader will go away next year. Any doubleheaders in 2022 will be played as whole nine-inning games, as god and the mythical Abner Doubleday intended. Some reporting has suggested we will also see the none-too-soon end of the free baserunner in extra innings fiasco, though that has yet to be conformed by the Commissioner's Office.


  • Posted by Erik Lundegaard on July 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

    I assume he moved on this because of a potential class-action lawsuit from fans who bought tickets to a 9-inning game and wound up seeing the 7-inning variety. MLB would lose that one. Manfred still hears nothing from fans, and he's not one himself. He needs to go.

  • Posted by Lonnie on July 14, 2021 (2 months ago)

    I'd love to see the return of 9 inning games, and jettisoning the free runner, but one thing that I want to see is taking the strikezone away from the umpires and letting technology call balls and strikes. I used to be strongly against this, but this year the umps have been especially horrendous at any sort of consistency.

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