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October .500

Having two Game 163s to watch Monday was supposed to make for a great day, but it turned out to only be half a great day. Yeah, I have rooting interests, and they were only half met on Monday, but regardless of favored teams we saw one outstanding game with lots of drama and one snoozer with none at all.

Then we get the actual start of the postseason with the Wild Card games, and again, one was a classic with weirdness and tension and extra innings and multiple double-switching and obstruction-by-bro-hug, while the other was a completely uninteresting display of strategic emptiness and forgettable details.

Well, not completely uninteresting; I was interested in the general dumbness of the Oakland Athletics' choice to throw a bullpen game in an elimination scenario. That was ... a way you could go. And it went predictably badly for them and, frankly, they didn't deserve to win just because of that stupid strategy. Which I hate saying, because that means that the Yankees were the ones that did deserve to win, and I can hardly stomach that concept.

With the two NL division tiebreakers going to the Brewers and Dodgers, today we are given the opposite NLDS pairings of what I wanted to see. I mean, Braves vs. Dodgers? Ew. Hopefully they'll at least play compelling baseball; looks like there's a 50-50 chance of it.


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