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San Fran Split

Random thoughts on the just-completed San Francisco series...

  • Is Felix going to be a Jeckyll/Hyde kind of guy all year, or was this an aberrant game? He's had bad games before, but offhand I can only recall one (June 12, 2015 in Houston) that was worse than today's rout at the hands of the Giants. By his own admission, Felix had no command today. The performer we saw on Opening Night was nowhere to be found in San Francisco. Go get 'em next time, King, we'll see how it goes in Kansas City.
  • Despite losing 10-1 today, it was a fairly decent offensive series for the Mariners. The club was 22/68 in the two games (.324), Dee Gordon had five hits, and Vogelbach checked in with his first hits and RBI of the year. The killer was being 1-for-12 with RISP today. That was a bad flashback.
  • Marco Gonzales looks good. One start isn't enough to say for sure, but I've got a good feeling about his season.
  • Gordon is going to be fine in center field. You can tell he's new there, but you can also tell he's figuring things out fast.
  • Also, I love Gordon's old-timey high stirrup socks.
  • Vogelbach looked pretty OK at first base. You wonder about a guy with his build, but while he's not Mr. Fleetfoot he did hold his own there with surprising agility today.

Will they play tomorrow? The forecast in Minneapolis calls for overcast and cold at gametime, dipping below freezing by the late innings, but no snow. It's the weekend games that are really in doubt—below freezing all day Saturday and a virtual certainty of snow on Sunday with "near-record low temperatures." Thanks to Interleague play, there is no second visit to Minnesota on the schedule, so you know the league will try to get the games in. But one if not two makeups seem more than likely to be needed...


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