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Site Refinements, GS Progress

Hello, faithful readers. As we get closer to Thanksgiving (what? How did we get here already?!), just a quick "Thanks" to those of you who have followed here from the former print edition of Grand Salami and those of you who came to the site after the magazine ceased to exist after 2017. I'm glad to have a readership through the growing pains of the new's first season and hope to grow it during the offseason as we get prepped for the Mariners taking the field in 2019.

When we launched last March, the idea was that there would be a number of contributors to the site, posting news and opinion pieces fairly regularly alongside out regular time-tested features like Mariner player profiles and opposing team primers. Aside from a few exceptions, though, all the content for has come from me throughout 2018, which has made things challenging.

snoopy laptopSo far, this site is in the red. It's costing more to host and operate the site and produce merch for sale than the small number of dollars that has come in via ad revenue and merch sales. Fortunately, I am a web production dude by trade, so all the technical elements only cost me time, so at least there's that. But without revenue, I need to devote time to other gigs that actually pay my bills as well, plus it means I don't have any budget with which to pay contributors.

For to bring in enough dollars to allow for paying contributors, the traffic needs to be higher so the ad revenue becomes respectable, and/or enough merch needs to be sold to offset low ad money. In order to get the traffic up, we need more frequent postings and more social media shares, and to get more postings, I'm going to need help.

So I'm going to ask a favor here.

If anyone would like to write occasional (or regular) pieces about the Mariners or baseball in general, be it opinions on the hot stove happenings or items in the news or personal reflections on fandom ala Matt Estrada's "Ichiro Forever" article or reviews of baseball books or films or anything else baseball-related, please let me know. Send your ideas or articles my way. I just can't pay you yet. I know that sucks, and I'm not going to give you any BS about "exposure" or getting other non-monetary value out of writing for this little site, because none of that pays the rent and writing deserves proper payment.

I'm not looking to get rich off this site, I have no expectations of raking in the bucks here, but I do think reaching the goal of bringing in enough money to have a contributor budget is reasonable—if I have help generating new content on a more regular basis. It's a catch-22 kind of thing: I believe in paying for contributions, but in order to do that, I need traffic/revenue that will only come if I get some volunteer contributions.

Meanwhile, I will be continuing to refine the site itself and will resume combing the magazine archive for pieces to post from the bygone print days. Ultimately, I also want to have a full archive of the magazine's history, which will take time, and a mobile app beyond the existing mobile browser version of this site. The wish list is substantive and always growing. But item one is "content contributors."

Please and thank you.

Tim Harrison


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