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Unearthed Mather video shows intent for M's to screw fans

Kevin Mather may be gone, but he won't be forgotten for a while yet. The former President and CEO of the Mariners was fired for saying the quiet part out loud one too many times last February, but a newly-uncovered recording of Mather speaking in the months between last year's World Series and the talk to the Bellevue Rotary Club that got him canned spilled the beans about some plans he had that will further alienate the Mariners' fanbase.

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The Curse of Section 120

A hearty GrandSalami.net welcome to Rob Hill, our own version of a non-roster invitee, if you will. We connected with Rob via Facebook, where he's a member of the Seattle Mariners Fan Group, and he was kind enough to share this post with you all here on gs.net. Hopefully we'll hear more from Rob as the season continues on.

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