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Four wins and a roster update

Apparently it just took getting the heck out of town.

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2022 Season Preview: Catcher/Infield

Last July the M's decided it was time to begin the Cal Raleigh era in Seattle. Was that a good idea? In 47 games from July 11 through the end of the season the big switch-hitter couldn't hit his weight, batting all of .180 in his rookie year. On the other hand, he got to experience the big leagues and a pressure-packed playoff chase, which may turn out to be valuable as a transition period. It remains to be seen. In roughly two full minor-league seasons spread over three years (2018, ’19, and ’21) he worked his way up from...

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Previewing the '21 Mariners: Catcher/Infield

The catcher position hasn't historically been a strength for the Mariners. When the franchise's best players to man the position include a hitter who only got on base at a .309 clip (Dan Wilson), a one-year-and-done solid hitter that was considered a defensive liability (Omar Narváez), and a guy who saw local taverns use his batting average to determine the price of a pint of beer (Dave Valle), the bar for success is pretty low. The club is cautiously optimistic now, though, with a catching tandem for 2021 that should hold its own.

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White Ark

Early offseason odds and ends

It is not going to be an offseason like last year's for Your Seattle Mariners, with massive roster churn and a constant check of the Twitter feed to find proof of life on Jerry Dipoto when we haven't seen news of a trade in 48 hours. But there will be some tweaking, and said tweaking has begun.

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