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Trades are official

The deals are done, and the Mariners are no longer the team of Robinson Canó, Edwin Díaz, or Jean Segura.

The final details are much as previously discussed, except the Mariners have included pitchers Juan Nicasio and James Pazos in the trade with the Phillies, which makes the finances of that trade a little more palatable.

The ultimate breakdown leaves the M's with a roster that will no doubt change again before spring training. Or before this weekend, it's really hard to say when Jerry Dipoto is on a trade bender. But the Mariners' roster isn't really the point at this juncture—Dipoto has made it clear that 2019 will not be a contending season.

Shedding salary obligations and stockpiling promising minor leaguers is the recipe for rebuild, but the good thing is the youngsters coming back to Seattle in these deals are, mostly, only a year or two away from making an impact in the big leagues. Dipoto seems to be aiming for successful runs in 2021 and beyond, and 2019 will be transitional. Or, if you prefer, the next in a long, long line of Mariner campaigns that do not involve winning much.

Who will the next Mariner to be traded be? Is Dee Gordon safe? Will Dipoto try and flip newcomers Jay Bruce and/or Carlos Santana? What of Mike Leake?

It's not over yet.


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