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True to the Pink

It's official. The Mariners, T-Mobile, and the Public Facilities District all admit what we've known for a while, that the Bellevue-based mobile phone/cellular network giant T-Mobile is the new corporate sponsor of what used to be Safeco Field and will now be known as T-Mobile Park.

With today's announcement, T-Mobile issued a press release trumpeting the sponsorship, promising to give extra perks to T-Mobile customers attending games in an effort to get more bang for their annual 3.5 million bucks by enticing fans to switch carriers to T-Mobile.

The rights agreement is for a period of 25 years, so barring some sort of Enron Field catastrophe we can look forward to a lengthy run of "T-ball"-like nicknames.

T-Mobile's press release included mock-ups of the stadium with its new signage and branding, which apparently will include plenty of fuchsia lighting. The instant response to this aspect of things from fans on Twitter was...not enthusiastic:

For that segment of Mariners fandom that, like me, fit into the Venn diagram overlap of baseball fans and sci-fi nerds, the obvious conflict will be the shorthand abbreviation of T-Mobile Park as "TMP," which is already shorthand for the first Star Trek film. Presumably there won't be too many of these exchanges:

"Hey, Bob, what are you doing tonight?"

"Well, thought I'd catch some TMP action. Want to join me?"

"Er, you know, there isn't a lot of action in TMP. Not really into it."

"Hey, I know they suck this year, but it's still fun to be there."

"Wait, what now? Be where? The cloud?"

"They'll close the roof if it gets drizzly."


"C'mon, you can have some garlic fries."

"Bob, are you stoned right now?"

In any event, prepare for magenta roof lighting and fuchsia gate areas and a lot of T-Mobile kiosks. Actually, a rose-colored glasses giveaway night might be a good idea next year. 

Our New Corporate Overlords

What do you think of the new ballpark name, T-Mobile Park?


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