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You Get Nothing!

Because of a rainout in Detroit last week, the Mariners needed to bring up someone from Triple-A to make a spot start against Texas this past Wednesday afternoon. To make room, the M's designated reliever Erik (don't call him Eddie) Goeddel for assignment.

This move struck me as problematic. Goeddel had been very effective in his short time with the Mariners and would certainly be lost to the organization with the DFA; meanwhile, other pitchers had been, shall we say, bad, and probably ought to be cut anyway.

Today Goeddel was claimed off the waiver wire by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The M's have lost an effective reliever from a bullpen that desperately needs them and did so without any benefit or return whatsoever. The pitcher brought up for that spot start, Christian Bergman, did well (though the game was lost in the late innings; if only there had been effective relievers available), but was immediately sent back down to clear a spot for Ryan Cook.

I suppose you can look at it as an effective swap of Goeddel for Cook, but there's no reason the club couldn't have both right now had they released Marc Rzepczynski or moved Erasmo Ramírez from the 10-day to the 60-day disabled list. Zep has been awful this season and doesn't have any trade value anymore and Ramírez won't be healthy and ready to return much before a 60-day absence anyway.

This was a brain-cramp move. Good luck with your new team, Erik Goeddel.


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